The Magic of the Right Forearm
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Tags: webinar  chuck evans  2010  March  dowel drill  dowel  drill  right forearm  angle of attack  swingology  bent right wrist  lowpoint  shaft  alternate target line  vision track  training aid  target line  stance line  low point  cut  pull  draw  face angle  

Chuck Evans, with the help of a fellow instructor, discusses and demonstrates the magic of the right forearm and the right forearm angle of attack.

From: Webinar Archive - Student Assistance

Chuck Evans welcomes you to this month's webinar, filmed at the elite Medicus Performance Academy at Jones Creek Golf Club, in Augusta, Georgia. This month Chuck welcomes two students and a fellow instructor from the Medicus Player Development Program to help him discuss and demonstrate swingology and the practices and tools taught through Medicus. At the end of the webinar, Chuck takes questions from his audience.


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